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Biostatistics Meetings

The Division of Biostatistics develops and applies quantitative methods to aid research in cancer biology, treatment, and prevention. Current research activities include the design of clinical and preclinical studies, developing inferential models for studies of behavioral interventions, analysis of multiple outcomes, risk prediction algorithms for familial susceptibility, and applications of Bayesian nonparametric methods.

Biostatistics Working Group

3rd Tuesday of the Month
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: 550 Bldg., 1131 Conference Rm.
September 2018 - May 2019 Informal Biostatistics Meetings (click here to see all past meetings)
09/18/2018 Group Discussion of Topics
10/23/2018 Jay Herson False Positives in Cardiotoxicity Reporting
11/20/2018 Rob Scharpf & Jacob Fiksel Copy Number Variation & NGS
12/18/2018 Nick Henderson Subgroup analysis
01/15/2019 Hao Wang & Su Jin Lim Multiple comparisons methods & tools
02/19/2019 Ravi Varadhan Per-protocol vs intent-to-treat analyses HernanRobins PerProtocolAnalysesOfPragmaticTrials.pdf
03/19/2019 Taxiarchis Botsis Natural Language Processing
04/16/2019 CG Wang & Wei Fu R/Sweave, knitr, R markdown
05/28/2019 Chen Hu & Kai Ding Delivery Methods in Radiation Oncology