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10/18/2013 Gary Rosner Biomarker discovery & designs: review Papers for 18Oct2013.zip
11/15/2013 Chiung-Yu Huang Competing risk
12/20/2013 Hao Wang Phase III designs with development and validations of biomarkers
01/17/2014 Peng Huang I-SPY Trials
02/21/2014 Zheyu Wang ROC and Meta analysis
03/21/2014 Chenguang Wang Enrichment design
04/18/2014 Jay Herson The role of pCR (pathologic complete response) in accelerated approval for new treatments for early stage neoadjuvant breast cancer
09/16/2014 Discussion of Topics
10/21/2014 Ravi Varadhan Overview of multi-state models
11/18/2014 Zhe Zhang, Chiung-Yu Huang Competing risks
12/16/2014 Chiung-Yu Huang Continuation - Competing risks
01/20/2015 Gary, Marianna, Hua-Ling Examples of applications of multi-state models
02/17/2015 Chenguang Wang Overview of causal inference
03/17/2015 Clinical trials as observational studies - Principal stratification & G+ (?) method
04/21/2015 Introduction to bioinformatics
09/15/2015 Discussion of Topics
10/20/2015 MedImmune Statisticians Drug combination studies
11/17/2015 Ravi Reportnig follow-up times
12/15/2015 CANCELLED
01/19/2016 Yanxun Xu Design of Clinical Trial
02/16/2016 Sarah J. Wheelan Introductory bioinformatics
03/15/2016 CG, Brandon, Hao Next-generation clinical trials with an example basket trial
04/19/2016 Ravi Precision medicine
05/17/2016 Peng Statistical monitoring of clinical trials
09/20/2016 Discussion of Topics
10/18/2016 CG, Zheyu, Hao, and Gary MedImmune Biomarker Project
11/15/2016 Jay Herson ER+ Early Stage Breast Cancer: Tamoxifen, Letrozole, Selective Crossover. What to Believe
12/20/2016 CANCELLED - Pocock's Papers
01/17/2017 Yu Du Combination Phase 1 studies
02/21/2017 Hwanhee Hong Meta-Analysis of Rare Adverse Events in Randomized Clinical Trials: Bayesian and Frequentist Methods
03/21/2017 Michael Rosenblum POSTPONED
04/18/2017 Rob Scharpf Reproducible research
05/16/2017 Gary Rosner Introduction to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
09/19/2017 Group Discussion of proposed topics
10/17/2017 Gary Some Techniques and Tools for Early Clinical Studies
11/21/2017 Leslie Incorporation of Social Media in Clinical Research
12/19/2017 Nicholas Classification: CART & BART
01/16/2018 Yanxun Introduction to Bayesian nonparametrics
02/20/2018 Chen Review Basket, Umbrella, and Platform Trial Designs
03/20/2018 Jodi Segal Real World Data Repositories
04/17/2018 Amanda Using SEER/Medicare Data
05/15/2018 Franck Housseau Immunology Introduction
09/18/2018 Group Discussion of Topics
10/23/2018 Jay Herson False Positives in Cardiotoxicity Reporting
11/20/2018 Rob Scharpf & Jacob Fiksel Copy Number Variation & NGS
12/18/2018 Nick Henderson Subgroup analysis
01/15/2019 Hao Wang & Su Jin Lim Multiple comparisons methods & tools
02/19/2019 Ravi Varadhan Per-protocol vs intent-to-treat analyses HernanRobins PerProtocolAnalysesOfPragmaticTrials.pdf
03/19/2019 Taxiarchis Botsis Natural Language Processing
04/16/2019 CG Wang & Wei Fu R/Sweave, knitr, R markdown
05/28/2019 Chen Hu & Kai Ding Delivery Methods in Radiation Oncology
09/17/2019 Group Discussion of Topics
10/15/2019 The Biostatistics Group Statistical Guidelines for Different Journals
11/19/2019 Jay Herson Bias and Randomization 1980 - 2020 - 2060
12/17/2019 Daniel Scharfstein ITT, Per-protocol and Estimands
01/21/2020 Challice Bonifant CAR-T cell therapy: A primer for Statisticians
02/18/2020 Phil Prorok TBD
03/17/2020 TBA
04/21/2020 TBA
05/19/2020 TBA