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PattRun Software

PattRun software permits remote and local application of algorithms that do matrix factorization. The files provided here include all java files for the interface, remote method operation, and visualization. The QuickStart guide assumes that the user is familiar with the BD and LS-NMF algorithms. Papers can be found at the following sites:

Please read the QuickStart Guide before running the software. For any questions, please contact Michael Ochs.

For academic users, the version with Bayesian Decomposition can be obtained at
following completion of an MTA.

Download PattRun for MacOS X, Dual-Core Intel, LS-NMF: Patt_Tools_Intel.tar
Download for MacOS X G4/G5, Windows, Solaris, LS-NMF: PattTools_Intel.tar or Patt_Tools_Intel.zip

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