: R package 'hdpreg'
R package 'hdpreg'



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R package 'hdpreg'


This package is developed based on R package hdpmn authored by Peter Mueller. The package implements both a regular Bayesian regression model and a regression model with a random intercept that follows a Dirichlet Process to related random probability measures (RPM). By the DP random intercept model, each RPM is represented as a mixture of a common measure common to all RPMs and an idiosyncratic part specific to the RPM.

For any questions, please contact Gary Rosner.




The installation requires R 3.0.1 or later version of R. The package can be installed by command R CMD INSTALL hdpreg_4.5.0.tar.gz on Mac/Unix, or R CMD INSTALL hdpreg_4.5.0.zip on Windows. Alternatively, the package can be installed using R GUI by Menu >> Packages >> Install packages from local zip files....

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