: Bioinformatics (BISR)
Bioinformatics (BISR)



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Johns Hopkins Medicine | Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Bioinformatics (BISR)

Core Description:

The Bioinformatics Shared Resource offers comprehensive bioinformatics support to the Cancer Center. The goal of Bioinformatics consulting service is to help investigators that use genomic techniques to identify study designs, database solutions, data analysis strategies, and appropriate bioinformatics collaborations for their projects.

Areas of Expertise:

Gene Expression Analysis, Proteomics, Microarray Design, Gene Function Analysis, Cancer Risk Prediction, Gene Regulation, Sequence Alignment, Modeling of Signaling Pathways, Transposon Biology

Other Interactions:

Microarray Core, Mass Spectrometry Core, and Research Information Technology Shared Resource, SPORES, program project grants.

Services Provided:

  • Assist with data acquisition, including study design, access to public data sources and genomic annotation databases and data storage.
  • Statistical quality control for data from high throughput genomic technologies, including data preprocessing, and artifact discovery.
  • Data analysis, including visulaization and biostatistical modeling.
  • Assist with grant and manuscript preparation, and software development.
  • Technical support for bioinformatic software, databases and technologies
  • Development of innovative bioinformatic methodologies and tools.
  • Mentor faculty, fellows and students with interest in bioinformatic research.