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TIME FRAME FOR REQUESTS: Please contact the Biostatistics Shared Resource as early as possible before your deadline. Please be aware of the following guidelines.

Abstracts: We generally need at least three weeks. If it is less than three weeks before the deadline, we may be able to assist with some simple summary statistics; however we cannot guarantee more complicated analyses, such as multiple variable analyses.

Grants: The Biostatistics Shared Resource typically needs at least one month of active collaboration with investigators for new single-project grant submissions. Multi-project grants, such as SPOREs and program-project grants, require considerably more time (four months, at least), given the amount of coordination these require. If it is a re-submission, we need at least three weeks to improve your score.

Manuscript preparation: The Biostatistics Shared Resource requires a minimum of four weeks from the time an appropriately formatted data set has been submitted to carry out analyses and summarize results and methods for inclusion in manuscripts.

Protocol preparation: The Biostatistics Shared Resource requires a minimum of three weeks to prepare the statistical considerations (including study design; arranging for randomization, if appropriate; and analysis plans).

Other consultations: We will help you with consultation on other tasks as appropriate. Again, the more lead-time we have, the better we can assist you.

Without adequate lead time, the likelihood that we can provide helpful statistical support diminishes. On a case-by-case basis, The Biostatistics Shared Resource may decline requests that arrive too close to the deadline for us to provide anything useful. Please also consider that more complex designs or analyses will require more time.