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Johns Hopkins Medicine | Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Affiliate Members

Joel Bader, PhDProfessor of Biomedical EngineeringSynthetic Biology, Biological networks, Whole genome association, Genomics
Alex Baras, MD, PhDAssistant Professor of Pathology, Urology, and OncologyPrecision medicine, Bioinformatics, Pathology, Informatics
Patrick Cahan, PhDAssistant Professor of Biomedical EngineeringGene regulatory networks, De-differentiation, Cell fate engineering, Single cell genomics
Hariharan Easwaran, MSc, PhDAssistant Professor of OncologyCancer epigenetics, Epigenetics analysis, Aging, Organoid models
Andy Ewald, PhDProfessor of Cell Biologyorganoid, breast cancer, invasion, metastasis
Jean Fan, PhDAssistant Professor of Biomedical EngineeringSingle cell technologies, molecular imaging, machine learning, tumor heterogeneity
Liliana Florea, MSc, PhDAssociate Professor of McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Department of Medicine and Department of Computer ScienceComputational biology, Next generation sequencing, Alternative splicing, Genome assembly, MiRNA genomics
Loyal Goff, PhDAssistant Professor of Neurosciencesingle cell RNA-sequencing, long noncoding RNAs, neural cell fate decisions, developmental biology
Kasper Hansen, PhDAssociate Professor of BiostatisticsComputational biology, Epigenetics, Gene expression, High-throughput technologies
Stephanie Hicks, PhDAssistant Professor of Biostatistics Single cell technologies, Spatial transcriptomics, Statistical methods for genomics, High-throughput technologies
Robert Ivkov, PhDAssistant Professor of Radiation Oncologycancer nanomedicine, nanoparticle targeting, Engineered Virus-Like Particles (EVLP), thermal therapy, alternating magnetic fields, magnetic hyperthermia, magnetic hysteresis, bioheat transfer
Hongkai Ji , PhDProfessor of BiostatisticsComputational biology, Statistics, Genomics, Big data, gene regulation, single cell genomics
Reza Kalhor, PhDAssistant Professor of Biomedical EngineeringComputational biology, single cell genomics, in vivo barcoding, in situ profiling, lineage mapping
Rachel Karchin, PhDAssociate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and OncologyCancer genomics, Genomic variation, Computational genomics
Alison Klein, MHS, PhDProfessor of OncologyGenetic epidemiology, Pancreatic cancer, Risk assessment, Familial cancer syndromes, Inherited cancer susceptibility
Leo Luznik, MDProfessor of Oncology
Feilim MacGabhann, PhDAssociate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and OncologySystems pharmacology, PK/PD, Computational medicine, Multiscale modeling, Receptor dynamics and signaling, Vascular biology and angiogenesis
Kenneth Pienta, MDProfessor of UrologyNovel therapeutic development, Biomarker development, Metastasis, Tumor microenvironment, Ecology of cancer
Aleksander Popel, PhDProfessor of Biomedical Engineering and OncologyCancer Systems Biology, Quantitative Systems Pharmacology, Immuno-Oncology, Angiogenesis, Lymphangiogenesis, Drug discovery (anti-cancer peptides).
Jiang Qian, PhDProfessor of OphthalmologySystems biology, Bioinformatics, Gene regulation, Signaling networks
Ingo Ruczinski, PhDProfessor of BiostatisticsStatistical genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, Family-based studies, Copy number variation
Steven Salzberg , PhDProfessor of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, and BiostatisticsComputational Biology, Genomics, Sequencing analysis, Genome assembly, Genome alignment
Michael Schatz, PhDAssociate Professor of Computer Science and BiologyCancer Genomics and Genetics, DNA sequencing, Variant identification & interpretation, Algorithms
Eneda Toska, PhDAssistant Professor of OncologyBreast cancer, nuclear hormone receptors, transcription, epigenetics, signaling, gene regulation, cell fate, therapy resistance, pioneer transcription factors, posttranslational modifications, alternative splicing, PI3K pathway, metastasis
Phuoc Tran, MD, PhDAssociate Professor of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation SciencesRadiosensitizers, Genetically engineered mouse models of disease, Epithelial plasticity, Epithelial-Mesenchymal transition
Sarah Wheelan, MDAssociate Professor of OncologyCancer genomics, Transposons, Chromatin structure
Laurent Younes, PhDProfessor of Applied Mathematics and StatisticsShape analysis, Computational anatomy, Machine learning, Computational biology, Graphical models
Alan Yuille, PhDBloomberg Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Computer ScienceMedical image analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Neural networks
Ni Zhao, PhDAssistant Professor of BiostatisticsHuman microbiome, 16s rRNA sequencing, Shotgun sequencing, Somatic mutation, Tumor subtyping, Causal mediation analysis, Methylation data