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Kai Kammers Ph.D.

Research Summary: Kai's current research focuses on developing new statistical methods and software tools for the integrative analysis of high-throughput genomic data, including sequencing and proteomic data (e.g. RNA-sequencing, DNA genotype, and iTRAQ/TMT proteomics data). He develops methods for pre-processing such genomic data, and software to reproducibly execute these protocols. Currently, the joint analysis of RNA-sequencing data and DNA genotypes (delineated by genomic arrays or next generation sequencing) to detect patterns of transcript expression related to specific genetic variants - known as eQTLs, or expression quantitative trait loci - is one of his main research areas. In the future, he will extend these methods to also incorporate methylation and proteomic data in our quest to fully understand the underlying biology.
Keywords: Quantitative Proteomics; RNA-Sequencing; eQTL Analysis; Integration across different genomic data types; Reproducible Research