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Ludmila Danilova Ph.D.

Research Summary: Currently, I am a research associate in Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics in the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. I joined the division as a postdoc in 2008 and then was promoted to a research associate mostly because of my active participation in the Cancer Genome Atlas projects (TCGA). Within the TCGA network, I was a member of the USC-JHU Genome Characterization Center (GCC) which produced DNA methylation data for all TCGA projects. My primary responsibilities within the GCC were to represent the epigenetic center within disease working groups, analyze DNA methylation data and to integrate it with other data types such as gene expression, copy number variation, mutations, and other data modalities. As a core member of the analysis working groups, I made significant contributions to several TCGA disease-based projects: lung squamous cell carcinoma, lung adenocarcinoma, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma (cutaneous and uveal), cervical cancer, sarcoma, thyroid carcinoma, adrenal cortical carcinoma, thymoma, paraganglioma and pheochromocytoma. The results of these efforts substantially contributed to the cancer research field. Later I extended my expertise to immuno-oncology and to study tumor microenvironment, especially, immune response to cancer immunotherapy and its association with survival in solid cancers. Now as a member of Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute of Cancer Immunotherapy, I develop tools to analyze immunosequencing, single cell sequencing, spatial and other types of genomic data with the focus of integrating different data modalities.
Keywords: Bioinformatics, Data analysis, DNA methylation, single-cell analysis