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Michael Ochs Ph.D.

Research Summary: The primary research focus of the Ochs group is on modeling of cell signaling processes, especially with a focus on utilizing high-throughput biological data to identify patient-specific targets for therapy. We have developed multiple computational methods to integrate diverse biological information in data analysis, including Bayesian Decomposition and CoGAPS for identification of patterns in gene expression data, DESIDE for estimation of signaling pathway activity during treatment, and CoGPS for integrating multiple molecular data types into single analysis to identify points of pathway deregulation.

Present research projects focus in three areas: 1) developing Bayesian matrix factorization methods that integrate epigenetic and functional genomics measurements to infer signaling activity, 2) techniques for data integration that can lead to patient-specific biomarkers of signaling deregulation, and 3) developing hybrid graphical and differential equation models of multicellular systems. Dr. Ochs holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Brandeis University with a focus on radio astronomy and the astrophysics of quasars. He migrated into medical research through in vivo spectroscopic imaging research, and directed the Bioinformatics Group at the Fox Chase Cancer Center until September 2006, when he joined the faculty at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Ochs has served as director of the Bioinformatics Shared Resource since 2009.

Keywords: Cell signaling, Data integration, Bayesian statistics