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Robert B. Scharpf Ph.D.

Research Summary: I am interested in developing statistical methods and software for characterizing diseases and complex traits from DNA and RNA measured on a genomic scale. Two technologies that provide high throughput measurements of genomic information are the focus of my current research: single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and gene expression arrays. For SNP arrays, I am developing statistical methods to estimate copy number at a single locus, and to infer regions of copy number variants (CNV) spanning multiple loci. For gene expression data, I am developing methods for the cross-study analysis of expression data to identify concordant and discordant patterns of differential gene expression. The software developed for each of these methods facilitate reproducible research and unify the steps in complex analyses of genomic data.
Keywords: microarrays, high-throughput arrays, gene expression, SNPs, copy number, batch effects, Bayesian statistics