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Johns Hopkins Medicine | Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Taxiarchis Botsis MSc, PhD

Research Summary: My background lies in the field of Medical Informatics with particular focus on the natural language processing of clinical texts and the automated coding and structuring of free-text information. I have also worked in the area of network analysis and led the development of the Pattern-based and Advanced Network Analyzer for Clinical Evaluation and Assessment (https://github.com/FDA/PANACEA) to facilitate the efficient processing of surveillance data and the recognition of clinical patterns. I previously led the development of a Decision Support Environment to support medical experts at the US FDA in the review of post-market reports. In parallel to these activities, I have been investigating high-performing information retrieval methods, approaches to support the automated generation of case definitions, and efficient information visualizations.
Keywords: Natural Language Processing; Information Structuring and Encoding; Decision Support Systems; Network Analysis; Information Visualization