A typical project begins with a discussion about the scope of the work. At this meeting, the investigators and the RITS representative(s) review the objectives of the project. The conversation will cover the sorts of data the investigators will collect (or are collecting), the sources for these data (e.g., clinic, lab, other institutions), the data types (e.g., repeated measurements for patients over time, imaging data, genomic data), and the needs for reports and analyses of these data, and so forth.

After the initial discussion, RITS staff will produce a Statement of Work for the project. This statement will summarize the initial conversations about the needs and desires for the database. The Statement of Work will also outline the responsibilities of all parties with respect to the database's development, initiation, and maintenance. For example, the document will include a schedule of regular meetings to allow both sides to review progress and make corrections or changes if needed.

The current fee for RITS service to investigators in the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center (SKCCC) is $95 per hour for SKCCC investigators. Additionally, some projects will require a start-up fee to cover time generating the initial specifications of the informatics solution to the information technology request.

We welcome inquiries and look forward to helping you achieve your research goals more efficiently.

 Chargeback and User Fees

The Research Information Technology Services (RITS) Core at Johns Hopkins is a University Service Center/Shared Resource that is part of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and the Department of Oncology.

In order to maintain a service center in compliance with A-21, annual budgets and rate schedules must be developed and approved by the Divisional Business Office to the Office of Cost Analysis. The Cancer Center has initiated such a formal chargeback system for RITS. A budget number will be required for all new projects and new application development.

User fees are: $105/hour for FY23

The RITS Core Manager, Alla Guseynova, is available to estimate time requirements for new projects and applications. Terry Gibson, Senior Financial Manager, oversees the accounting process and is also available to provide assistance.